Social Housing set within the historic market town of Ludlow

Marstons Hub is a new facility for young people, set within the historic market town of Ludlow, in South Shropshire. The Hub includes; 11 new build homes (including 3 fully accessible units), 13 refurbished homes within the mill, 10,000 sq.ft. commercial workspace, over 3 levels and a 1,000 sq.ft. community café space.

The spaces are organised around a new central single-storey entrance pavilion, which links through to the mill and the Grain Loft. The guiding principle to this project has been to develop a language that will unify the historic fabric with the newer elements, whilst still retaining their own distinct character. The Grain Loft is clad with pre-patinated natural copper shingles on its walls and roof, with a black timber base, reminiscent of the local utilitarian agricultural vernacular.

The overall language and form of the new building is simple and legible. The new residential building in particular develops an architectural language that is stripped down to its basic elements. The result is a clear statement with multiple references to industrial or agricultural form and materials, and also to the historic building itself, such as the glazed bay to the gable end and the proportions of the window openings.

The project was a shortlist in the RICS Social Impact Awards 2020 in the category Residential.


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